The book "Mother of two children”. Eglė Lukinaitė-Vaičiurgienė

A new book has been hatched. This is our second book project with Eglė. I am very happy with this creative friendship, which allows me to play around and try new things. I really enjoyed our brainstorms, exchange of ideas and support of each other's creativity.

The design of the first book - "Connection with child, connection with yourself" was light, gentle and spacious. After reading the manuscript of the book "Mother of two children", I realized that it will be completely different. I admire Eglė's ability to write about complicated matters in a simple, understandable language, to open up and share important experiences – without embellishments and filters, but at the same time sensitively and delicately.

The content itself dictated the design of the book: a bright, bold design was born, which is balanced by photographers Ugnė Poloudina photos. Also 4 geometric shapes travel along with the text throughout the book illustrating and symbolizing: a mother, younger and older children, a father and the relationship between them.

More about the content of the book:

Language editor: Erika Valčiukienė
Photos in the book: Ugnė Poloudina
Photos of the book: Dovaldė Butėnaitė

Both books: "Connection with child, connection with yourself" and "Mother of two children".
The first book design you can see: here

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