"Esu Tyloje" (I am Silence)

B O O K :
It is a book for those who want to discover inner silence and find ways to share it with the little ones. In the book you will find more than 60 practically tested and children's favorite meditation and attention exercises. They are all described in an attractive form of play, perfect for performing both at home and in the classroom or a group.
Along with the book there is also a game - meditation cards.

D E S I G N   A N D   I L L U S T R A T I O N S :
The design and range of colours in the book reflect the content it contains: it begins from deep blue and gradually warms up to a cosy orange. The design is light, spacious with subtle, barely perceptible graphic elements. A series of 24 illustrations has been created specifically for this book and the playing meditation cards. This is the first time I have created such a large series of illustrations the themes of which are very different so finding a common visual solution was quite a challenge.

Publishing House: Dvi Tylos
Author: Ugnius Leimontas
Book design, layout and illustrations: Margarita Buksnaityte (Margapieva)
Photography: Edgaras Marozas

P R I N T S :
If you like illustrations from this project, please visit my Magic Print Shop.

Thank you!

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