Book design and illustrations for 'The Bee Revolution'

‘The Bee Revolution’ is a collection of stories about beekeepers fighting for the survival of bees, safe food and clean environment. All these stories prove the inevitability and need of a big change. Beekeeping may help start the revolution and reconsider the principles of food production by bringing it back to nature in order to make it sustainable.

I’m grateful to ‘Dvi Tylos’ publishing house for the opportunity to fully contribute to this book by designing both the layout and the cover and creating all the illustrations used in the book.

After the time spent working on this book and reading it I’m more aware of the miraculous benefits bees provide to the whole ecosystem. More than ever before I’m fond of and amazed by these marvelous small furry creatures.

Publishing House: ‘Dvi Tylos’
Layout Production: Migle Ceinoryte
Photography: Dovalde Butenaite

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